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MayheM is about the fun in the sport of RC racing, we may be a little harder on our cars than other people but nothing has been broken that we couldn't fix. We like to have fun with our toys during the week too. How many eight year olds do you know that only play with their legos on weekends?

MayheM is going 1/8th scale! Watch the new page for updates.

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Mayhem is a small RC racing team dedicated to the sport and thrill of nitro RC racing. Our goal with this site is to bring you the tips, links, information and fun of the nitro RC world. You'll find pics of our cars, and of the races we run in as well as information about our setups and the tricks we use on our cars. We'll try to keep up with the mew RC products and keep some valuable tech tips on here too.

Prizes announced!

The action shot prize is a brand new glow plug igniter with charger and a new fuel bottle.

Becoming a Member

If you live in the central Nebraska area and are interested in racing in Grand Island, Kearney, Lincoln, and Hastings E-mail and let us know. We're happy to have new team members of any skill level and even if you only get to races in your area we can still get in touch and send you some more info.


My rustler got about 35 feet of air off the 1/4 pipe, and landed it, and kept going KICK ASS. The rail at the bottom of the pic is about 12 feet off the ground. Watch for more RC destroying action shots here.

The skate park seemed like a good idea.......for a while.

Send us your action shots and you will be entered in the contest for the "Best Action Shot"  drawing times will be decided once we start getting some pics. The first contest winner will get a brand new glow plug igniter with charger and a new fuel bottle, send your pics NOW to:

Organization News

We did pretty good at the races but my camera crapped out during warm up, we'll try to get some race pics very soon. Send us some pics of your RC, we'd like to get some surfer's rides on here too.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


Josh Lewis
Jason Hester

Phone: 785-874-4620