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Just some of the tricks we like to use and some helpfull tips too.

First of all, is an awesome site for tech tips, but we'll share some of our personal favorites and some of our own.

If you want a little better take-off, handling and climbing T-Maxx without sacrificing the handling by installing a spool in the rear try taking the rear end out of the thing and take apart the diff. casing. Now take apart the diff. carfully or you'll end up trying to put the spider gears back in and clean it out good. Pack that baby full of some nice stiff grease, some suggest asociated black grease but I just used the same stuff I use on the ball joints on my ford, yup just grab the grease gun from the garage and go to town, then put everything back together and go for a spin. I notice a much better handling attitude from my Maxx right away and it dosen't push in the turns as bad as it used to (go straight when you want it to turn).

My current race tires on the T-Maxx are custom cut.

I just took a set of stock tires (to avoid killing some expensive Prolines if I screwed up) and removed all but the outer 3/8 to 1/2 inch of  tread lug on every other pair. this not only takes some weight off the truck but leaving the stubs on the outside prevents the flat-tire-effect you'd get if you took the whole lug off. This cut also seems to greatly improve turning as the now smaller lugs help dig in on a turn. As cheap as stock tires are at the LHS and especially on Ebay it's worth a try to see if you like it or not. It does make a difference with my driving style but not everyone drives the same.

I made a cooling fan for the rustler by taking the drive motor out of a traxxas 2018 servo, it was the cheapest one I had to tear up, and the blade off of a computer cpu cooling fan. I attached tthe blade to the motor and soldered on a 9 volt plug with wires, check radio shack for these. Then I mounted it in a couple non essential upper chassis screw holes and its ready to go. The 9 volt turns the little motor fast enough to move a good amount of air and with a limited amount of testing it seems to keep the engine about 25-30 degrees cooler, longer lasting engines are always better. Lousey pic but if you want to try this drop me a line for more details and how-to's.

cooling fan on the rustler

my own design on board glow plug igniter

This is a bad pic too but my digcam isn't very good at close-ups I'll try to take some real pics and get them scanned on here soon. What I did was take the glow plug wire and the ground wire off of a ez-start wiring harness and attatch them to a switch mounted in a easy to reach spot on the rear shock tower. Since I use a 6 cell reciever pack zip tied to the front shock tower I was free to play with the rear battery pack. The car has enough power to haul the extra weight and still be very fast so this isnt a problem. I wired the switch to the pack and soon found out that 4 batteries were too much for a glow plug and after several attempts at trying to make this work with out popping glow plugs I took one of the batteries out and replaced it with a heavy wire to complete the battery pack's circuit. Now all I have to do is flip a switch and give the pull starter a few jerks and away she goes. I'll still carry my Hot Shot just in case but this is a lot easier.

If you have any tips you'd like to share with the RC community send 'em to me and I'll get them posted on here. If you have any questions ask away, I'm pretty good with nitro's and if I don't know the answer I'll get you in touch with someone who does. I do not however claim any responsibility for injuries or broken parts if you make any mods to your car that you see here, use your head and take your time and you shouldn't have any problems with my tricks.

More to come soon!