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Our current sponsors.


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Our current sponsors.
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Just to say thanks to our sponsors for their support this season, whithout them there would be no MayheM.

This space is for our sponsors, they help us make it to the races. Our sponsors recieve our flyer and of course ad space on the cars, team shirts and hats, and on our website. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of MayheM Extreme RC Racing contact us for details.

                   The Grand Island Police Department

Helped pay for entry fees this season. Making Grand Island a better and safer place for everyone

Waynes Pawn Shop:  Grand Island
Helped pay promotional costs and a little to keep the cars running.
If you're in the Grand Island area stop by and see what they've got. Also your source for paintball guns and accessories as well as organized team paintball matches.

Team Integy
Make it a little easier to keep the RC's giong. Check out their site for great prices and selection for your RC needs.

Special thanks to those who make this team possible. If you are interested in sponsership contact us for details.