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Other Team cars

These are pics of the other cars we race in different classes.

The Rustler with it's play body on.

The Rustler has a 6 cell reciever pack, o.s. tuned pipe, ported crankcase and manifold, and a few other tricks to squeeze some power out of the TRX Pro .15 and it's pretty fast but it's getting a Megatech M-16 very soon. I run Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs on all four corners and believe it or not it does pretty good on the track. A Futaba Novak XXXL 75Mhz fm reciever and Futaba servos make it a little more reliable.

Got the Megatech in the rustler now, opted on the NEO-16 instead of the M-16 just as much power only it has an updated carb and head, this carb is much better than the old Megatech carb. Watch for pics from the Rustlers first race with the new engine.

New engine is ready to rock.
The race body minus sponser decals.

Notice the MIP on board temp guage zip tied to the rear shock tower. I have a temp gun so this doesn't get used much anymore but I like to stick it on a new engine for breaking in so I can constantly monitor engine temps even while making ajustments. This is kinda handy to have and makes breaking in an engine that much easier.

The rustler cleaned up with cooling fan ready to race. This thing is fast now.
This Nitro Sport is built to run.
The NEO 16 sits nice in Jasons unlimited racer.

Team cars get a nicer paint job and sponsor decals for racing. Jason runs two Nitro Sports, one in the unlimited class and one in stock, this is his unlimited Sport with the NEO-16 by Megatech. This sport has no trouble keeping up with the other Sports and Rustlers in the unlimited class.

The stock sport is geared and tuned for the track and it stands out in the crowd with it's Dodge Stratus body.


My RS4 in stock body.
The new O.S. Hyper 12 on the RS4.
The RS4 on the inside.

Finally got the RS4 clocked with the O.S. Hyper .12 CV, once I got the traffic to die down we got it clocked at an average speed of 68.4mph in three runs. Unfortunatly a near 70mph wipe-out took out half of the rear end so it's time for aluminum a-arms on the back.

The RS4 just went to an O.S. Max Hyper 12CV with the slide carb but the speed increase isn't all that great so I'm switching to a bad boy Novarossi engine shortly. Keep watching for updates and top speed on this one, I'm aiming for RETARDED FAST with this little rug runner.

The electric Team Losi truck.

The Losi isn't too fast and it's not noisy enough, but hey, it dosen't stink up the house like the T-Maxx when I chase the cat with it.

The boat doesn't get much action but it's still fun.

more pics coming soon!